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Why SEO?
Potential Clients are using the web to find your product or service daily. If you are not on the 1st page, you just missed out on a potential sale. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most cost effective form of advertising that give you the most Return on your investment. It delivers targeted buyers that are looking for your product or service. Without SEO, buyers will never find your web site. Most users never go past the 1st page. So even if your site is in position 50 out of 3 million competing pages, it might as well be in position 3 million. Your competition is aggressively reaping the benefits of being in the 1st page. Why shouldn't you? I'm here to help you reap the benefits of being in the 1st page of an Organic search. I provide professional SEO service and adhere to Googles Webmaster Guidelines. Call me direct at 702-425-1448 to discuss your needs or go ahead and get an instant quote for your keyword search terms.

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Leo Berenguel
How my process works?
provide your target web site.
provide your desired search term keywords.
use googles key word search tool
  Avoid broad keyword search terms.
  Use specific keywords which targets immediate buyers.
  If you are targeting local buyers, include the target city in the search term.
Place your order.
I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your order.
Check the progress of your order using my online project manager.
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custom seo
  My guarantee applies to customized SEO work only:
  Your Web Site is Guaranteed to reach PAGE 1 Ranking for the Search Term Specified or your MONEY BACK.
The time frame to reach page 1 will depend on the competitiveness of the search term and the age of your web site. Typically the range of reaching PAGE 1 ranking could occur in as little as 30 days for search terms with less than 5 million competing pages to 180 days for search terms close to 100 million competing pages.
  With FIXED SEO PRICING,you can cancel anytime, no long term commitments.
Work must continue to maintain your top 10 spot and improve its position monthly. Efforts will be made to improve the web page position to achieve a top 3 position. Although this cannot be guaranteed, efforts will be made daily to achieve this goal.